Lisai's Chester Market

Welcome to Lisai’s Chester Market. 

The Lisai Family opened the Chester Store in 1993, as a branch of the parent store in Bellows Falls,Vermont which was established in 1926. Brothers and third generation grocers, Brent, Gary, and Lonnie were the co-founders. The layout of the store fits between a ‘mom and pop country store’ and a super market. We have kept the country décor but with modern fixtures.

What is so special about the Lisai markets? It has to be the full service meat department. We always believed that a family dinner begins with a fresh cut of meat, either custom cut or out of our super fresh meat case. The store is stocked well with all the products that compliment that cut of meat…fresh produce, fine selection of beverages, snacks and groceries…and even that special bottle of wine. And yes, we are noted for our friendly service, fresh products, and fast service!

Through the spirit of the first 2 generations…Tony and Lena (the brother's grandparents) and Lolick and Marguerite (the brother's parents), we realize how important it is to be a positive force in the community. We hire and train local help, hire local contractors and support the community and local non-profits whenever we can. We just keep plugging away, day in and day out. If you stop in and shop all that goodwill goes back into the community.   But more important, we are proud to be able to serve and work in this Village of Chester---a hard working, family oriented community.

Thanks for your continued support….    Lonnie and Obe Lisai

Above: Lonnie and Obe
Below: Gary, Lonnie and Brent as they opened the store in 1993.
Bottom: The store building as it began, without porches, big windows and additions.