Lisai's Chester Market
Thanksgiving hours 9am to 1pm. Enjoy!

In the face of Covid-19, we are committed to keeping the store open for you, but we are also wishing to limit our employee's exposure.

Starting Monday, March 21, our hours will be:

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

We can get through this together - Lonnie and Obe


You have been a big part of our lives at the store and because of that, we’d like to share some news. After nearly thirty years, we’ve decided to sell the store. Owning and successfully running a grocery store is hard work and at this point in our lives, we’d like to take some time for ourselves, enjoy life and yes, RETIRE!

There are two important reasons that our store has been successful over the years: our dedicated staff and our loyal customers. We think that over the years, almost two hundred employees have worked with us. Many of them were high school students working their first job, and I know that the experience gained here has enabled them to go on successful careers. A few employees started with us in the beginning and never left. You know them as friends when you come in; there is a mutual feeling of ‘family’ when they say ‘hello’ and ask how’ve you been? Perhaps our roots are simple: family and community. Then again what is more important?

As we are writing this letter, it is quite clear that we are not just selling a business, but a way of life. Yes, there are bills to be paid, work to be done, repairs, and all the woes of a small business. But imagine that we were lucky enough to work with Lonnie’s dad briefly, my three brothers, sister in laws, our five children, nieces and nephews and our four grandsons! Now tell us that we are not fortunate!

If this way of life interests you, contact our broker: Tammy Richards 802-254-4504 or Feel free to share!

Sincerely, Obe and Lonnie

 October 14

closinMonday October 14
Closing at 6:00 pm
to honor Indigineous People's Daye's Day